Brooke Witt • Branding and Design
Brand Development, Graphic Design and Digital Illustration


I am a graphic designer, creative entrepreneur, and branding strategist living and working in Cleveland, Ohio. I help entrepreneurs and small businesses bring their ideas to life with clarity, strategic planning, and good design.

“My superpower is turning creative ideas into bona fide benjamins.”

Raised by a clown and a country singer, and I'm also a printmaker's daughter. I spent my childhood twisting balloon animals at picnics, line dancing at county fairs, and loving the smell of paper and ink. Born into a family bursting with creativity, I was always encouraged to find creative solutions to everyday problems.

Professionally, throughout my career as a designer/entrepreneur,

I have created and successfully launched 7 different product lines and opened two brick-and-mortar locations. First, in 2015, I co-founded, Lush & Lovely Floristry, a trending flower shop in Cleveland, Ohio. While at Lush & Lovely, I named the business and created all brand elements, I collaborated on interior design, designed the storefront windows, and learned (then taught) floral design. Currently, I co-own a makers space & blacksmith school, Cleveland Blacksmithing, with my husband in Cleveland’s historic Ohio City neighborhood. I have also named the business, created all brand elements, and run marketing, programming, development, and member services. I also forge decorative and utilitarian iron work, and recently graduated from Lincoln Electric Welding School.

But, way before that, back when you could only sell your artwork on Ebay as a self-representing artist (circa 2003), I sold several hundred prints of original paintings and wholesaled them to online boutiques. Following that, I developed a new poster series of illustrated lyrics and sold several thousand posters at handmade markets and art shows from New York City to Cleveland. Then, as creative minds will wander, I opened my first Etsy shop in 2007 showcasing The Near & Dear Gift Collection, and continued to design, sell, produce, and ship globally 27,000+ uniques pieces of personalized art prints with unprecedented results. This particular series has been featured in several magazines and I’ve had life-changing amounts of PR through gift guides and lifestyle blogs.

In 2013, I started licensing surface design through art agency, A Fresh Bunch, creating designs exclusively for the stationery, fabric, greetings, novelty gift, and home decor industries currently being sold with major retailers across the country. I have also launched 2 successful single-product businesses; one being a handmade woodcraft, produced and shipped from the barn in our backyard. The other being a t-shirt company currently in it’s infant stages, but quickly gaining exposure.

Throughout these experiences, I have gone through the process of obtaining a copyright, a trademark, and seeking enforcement insurance coverage. I have branded over 50 companies and product lines independently and as an in-house designer. I have created the marketing collateral needed to sustain those companies from business cards to billboards, including social media graphics, web design, and content creation.

… and personally, I like cake. 🍰


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