Brooke Witt • Branding and Design
Brand Development, Graphic Design and Digital Illustration

Work With Me

I am a graphic designer, creative entrepreneur, and branding strategist living and working in Cleveland, Ohio. I help entrepreneurs and small businesses bring their ideas to life with clarity, strategic planning, and good design.


“I’ll make your business so busy, you’ll wish it was still your hobby!”


Coaching + Consulting

If you want to reach your goals you’ll need the strengths of both coaching and consulting. When working with solo entrepreneurs and small business owners, I rarely find one that doesn't need both. As a coach, I help individuals and small businesses take their entrepreneurial intentions to the next level. Together we will clarify your vision and discuss your long-term goals. With insightful questioning designed to really get you thinking about what you want for your business and why, we will end up in a very natural conversation that will help us clarify your specific personal and professional aspirations.

As a consultant, I help you clear the clutter and make step-by-step plans for moving forward with purpose by covering all aspects of business development by brainstorming to enhance strategic thinking. During our sessions, I focus on creative, yet, practical solutions in strategy, planning and problem solving, and I will help you develop business skills and knowledge. I’ll often help clients design a business model or marketing plan, determine which marketing techniques to use and how to use them. 

Design + Direction

I can also help you bring your vision to life. Other than you, no one is closer to your dreams than me because I want to see you succeed just as much as you do! I strive to create unique branding stories for each of my clients. Choosing to work with solo entrepreneurs and small business owners allows me to explore a variety of industries in today's market. My expertise as a graphic designer, creative entrepreneur, and business strategist is in brainstorming and strategy sessions, creative concept development, and establishing a visual direction. Part of what makes me a great designer is my ability to identify uniqueness, push creative boundaries and communicate visually in the most compelling way possible. I believe in taking the necessary time to research each of my clients and their industry properly and do not rush to complete any project. Each branding design process takes approximately 3 to 6 weeks, while full strategies (brand + web) typically take 3+ months.  These timelines are all estimates and depend upon the individual project and client timeliness. A more in-depth schedule will be given to each client after I have a clear idea of what it will take to bring your vision to life.


Clients typically seek my services for the following:

Business naming  •  Brand development & identity design  •  Idea prioritization  •  Style guides & photo selection  •  Brand evaluation & competitor comparison  •  Product line development, packaging & pricing  •  Service packaging & storytelling  •  Business model development & organizational flow . •  Computer graphics coaching & new design skills  •  Photoshoots & art direction  •  Content evaluation, copywriting & editing  •  Product line expansion  •  Editorial calendars for blogs & social media schedules  •  Ongoing brand direction & project management  •  Digital processes & campaign direction