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I am a graphic designer, creative entrepreneur, and branding strategist living and working in Cleveland, Ohio. I help entrepreneurs and small businesses bring their ideas to life with clarity, strategic planning, and good design.

“Your business will be so busy you’ll wish it was still just a hobby!”

Growth is the Goal

If you want to reach your goals you’ll need the strength of both a well-defined brand and a clear actionable message. Choosing to work specifically with creatives, conscious lifestyle, and wellness brands allows me to hone in on your expertise coming up with new and fresh ideas so you can connect with your audience and your audience can connect with you. My knack as a designer, creative entrepreneur, and small business strategist is in brainstorming, concept development, and establishing a unique visual direction. Part of what makes me a great designer is my ability to identify uniqueness, push creative boundaries, and communicate visually in the most compelling way possible.

Together we will clarify your vision and discuss your long-term goals. With insightful questioning designed to really get you thinking about what you want for your business and why, we will end up in a very natural conversation that will help us clarify your specific personal and professional aspirations. I help you clear the clutter and make step-by-step plans for moving forward with purpose. During our sessions, I focus on creative, yet, practical solutions in strategy, planning, and problem solving. The purpose of our time together is to take your business to the next level, book more clients, sell more products, and start making the kind of money you always dreamed of. I'll help you get there.

Ideas and topics that often get covered in our conversations include:

• Business naming 
•  Brand development & identity design 
•  Idea prioritization 
•  Style guides & photo selection 
•  Packaging and product expansion 
•  Service packaging & storytelling 

•  Photoshoots & art direction 
•  Content evaluation, copywriting & editing 
•  Editorial calendars for blogs
• Social media schedules 
•  Ongoing brand direction
•  Digital processes & campaign launches


Clear the clutter and align your branding to your goals


Pride + Praise

Take a quick look at this live video of a podcast recording where Catherine and Spencer are singing my praises.

Spencer Michaud interviews GLAC 2019 speaker Catherine Urban at the Great Lakes Astrology Conference in Ann Arbor, MI on June 29th, 2019. Catherine discusses her conference experience, the Dark Goddess, Cleveland area astrological groups, her new website, writing for Bon Appetit Magazine and her upcoming astrological cookbook.

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